Productivity is at the heart of all of our applications and technically, all of our custom solutions ultimately make an individual or business "more productive". We are not just a group of software developers, our passion and drive is fueled by the fact that we are also the Users! Thus, we strive to create, develop and market solutions that we ourselves enjoy using in our everyday lives to make our Business and Personal life more-productive. Click to view some of our favorite productivity solutions developed as MS Office Addins.

Instant iPhone App Builder:
Yeldell Scientific is uniquely skilled in providing MS Office Add-ins that can communicate with mobile devices.

In addition, we also have a proprietary platform that is now made publicly available for download that allows anyone, regardless of skill-level to create a mobile web app in a matter of minutes. 

Amazingly, this platform (Instant iPhone App Builder v2.0) is run from within MS Word!

Developed using Word VBA & HTML. 

The Instant Database is a custom App optimized for use on Windows Surface but will run beautifully on any Windows laptop that has Excel 2013. It allows you to create custom databases without any coding or knowledge of tables and relations. Your Windows Surface or Laptop is instantly turned into a user-friendly, intuitive database engine where you can create databases, update database records, perform searches, etc...What will you use the Instant Database app for?  
Developed using Excel VBA & XML. 

Dashboard Master

Dashboard Master is an Excel Addin that allows users to view charts, graphs and KPIs from various other Excel spreadsheets and pin them as live snapshots to their existing custom Dashboard Homescreen.

The Evernote Excel Clipper is our most popular productivity application. Quite simply, it is an Excel Add-in that allows you to Instantly send spreadsheets, word documents and other file types to your existing Evernote account direct from the MS Excel Ribbon, but it does a whole lot more than just that. It has been continually improved since 2012 and is available as either an Enterprise Solution for your business or as a Personal/Home edition for an Individual.
It is very feature rich and a few of its other functionalities include:

TASK IT! is a custom Task Management solution deployed as a MS Office Add-in that allows you to instantly add single items or a group of items to your MS Outlook task list from within MS Word. This invaluable add-in is a great project management and productivity tool for an individual or organization. \
Consider the following scenarios:
1) You have a sharepoint task list extracted to a document. Use TASK IT! to sync the tasks that are assigned to you to your MS Outlook task list!
2) You have a document containing things to do. Use TASK IT! to select a range of items and instantly add them as individual MS Outlook task list items (with reminders!)
3) You have a mobile device connected to your MS Outlook exchange account. Use TASK IT! to instantly add items to your MS Outlook tasks and have them pushed to your mobile device.

My Tank Tracker is the fun and easy to use data-entry and tracking tool to log and monitor various aspects of your marine aquarium from your desktop and mobile device.

Add/Track/Log Livestock
Water Chemistry
Water Changes
Search Engine
Quick Notes

Developed in Excel VBA & HTML

Comes with access to a free mobile web app to input data from mobile device that is automatically sent to the Desktop Software!

The Excel Virtual Console is an amazing Excel application that uses macros to help you organize, keep track of, enter data against and even play your video game library. 

This is a must have for casuals and serious video game collectors! It contains a beautiful gallery that allows you to visually see and scroll through your game collection based on the box art of individual titles. 

Amazingly, all built using MS Excel and has the ability to even launch the appropriate emulator to play any existing ROM files you may have on your local machine or network! 

Use Excel to Play Music and Movie files via the "Organize My Stuff Excel Add-In".

The Organize My Stuff Add-in provides a fun and easy way to catalog, organize and view all of your digital stuff from one central hub that is easy to navigate and is visually appealing. Amazingly, all of this is done using native MS Excel functionality.

Excel Chat Room
Turns your Windows Device into a fully functional chat room client, discussion space and collaboration engine. Ideal for small businesses, Enterprise/large businesses or Content Creators.
Amazingly, this app was built using 100% Windows functionality on a backbone of Access and Excel VBA.

Contains support for Dropbox, Syncplicity and other cloud storage solutions.

What will you use the Windows Surface Chat App for?
Some of our customers have streamlined their business by installing the Windows Surface Chat App inside of a folder that is already synced to Dropbox to enable all of their connected users to collaborate in real time with discussions, chats and idea exchanges!

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