With a long and proven track record of success delivering technology solutions to life sciences, Yeldell Scientific is also recognized for our high level partnerships and certifications with Microsoft. This makes Yeldell Scientific consultants perfectly positioned to deliver high-value solutions that streamline operations and ensure compliance for life science clients—all while improving efficiencies and growing margin and profit.

As our understanding of living systems and life-sciences increases, so does the industry need for user-friendly, robust, secure and customizable solutions for tracking systems, databases, laboratory data collection modules, dashboards, scorecards and ad-hoc reporting functions.Yeldell Scientific has a very strong life science background and the software needs thereof involving 21 CFR compliance, audit trailsand enabling your business to focus more on getting products to market. Yeldell Scientific currently has several copyrights in the novel use of MS Office Addins in regulated environments for things such as auto-posting to Sharepoint Sites/Lists, submissions to regulatory authorities, auto generation of non-clinical protocols and study reports, and much much more. We either have an existing solution for you (already tailored for the life-science industry) or can custom create an innovative solution (by automating MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access) to increase the productivity of your biotech process and pipeline.
Vial Filling Management System - Excel Plugin:

The Vial Filling Management System is a complete solution for the management and reporting of manufacturing run data involving the aseptic filling of vials or syringes. Developed from a lean sigma approach, this system is a GAMP/Part-11 compliant solution for Windows Office 365 (Excel VBA) that automatically accepts data from Filling Machines and provides ad hoc metrics, automatic emails and detailed reports for interventions, down-times, deviations, needle efficiency, fill weight statistics, historics and automatic batch records.

  • The "Instant Cross References - Tables & Figures" plug-in is a Microsoft Word utility that empowers your authors with the ability to instantly convert standard text mentions for Tables and Figures into live, bookmarked, cross-reference hyperlinks that when clicked will navigate the cursor to the existing table or figure in the document!
  • The "Instant Cross References - Tables & Figures" plug-in saves time during the authoring process because your authors can now simply type the name of a table or figure that exists in the document and it will automatically turn that static text into a live cross-reference. Your authors no longer need to worry about any complex macros, downstream rendering requests or confusing MS Word formatting actions in order to easily produce documentation that is ready for submission or review!.
Arguably, this is one of the most powerful utilities we offer for Microsoft Word and is invaluable to the Life Science, Medical Writing and Biotech industry with document-intensive workflows and submission-heavy pipelines.

SOP CREATOR - Quickly Create Standard Operating Procedures

The GxP SOP Creator acts as a wizard and populates a MS Word Document Template file with content based on (and extrapolated from) the user’s input in order to automatically create a draft Standard Operating Procedure in a matter of minutes.
The GxP SOP Creator contains designed algorithms that take into account the specific way in which the user answers a series of questions and prompts and then mimics a Technical Writer's natural and logical writing process and style by compiling the user input and determining the type and level of detail about an Equipment, Process, Item or Material that is to be output and formatted into the SOP as a MS Word Document. 
The GxP SOP Creator automatically assigns a unique SOP number and saves the resultant draft Standard Operating Procedure as a  Word document to your local machine or network folder. At this point, only minor additions are needed to finalize the SOP with equipment or process specific information.

Dosing Management System (D.M.S)
The Dosing Management System is a custom Microsoft System developed by Yeldell Scientific, built on a backbone of XML and Excel VBA that allows pharmaceutical researchers, scientists, and technicians to setup, run, and collect / log  data on dosage administration for Non-Clinical, Pre-clinical and Clinical Studies.

Allows you to pre-configure various study templates and then run data collection on various study types (For example, Range Finding Studies, Escalating Dosages, Toxicology, Teratology, Carcinogenicity, Toxicokinetics, etc..)

Configurable for mouse, rat, canine, feline, bovine, rabbit, non-human primate and the human primate.
Fully secure with audit trails, password lockouts, 21-CFR-Part 11 Compliance.

Material Management System
The Material Management System is a custom Microsoft System developed by Yeldell Scientific, built on a backbone of XML and Excel VBA that functions as an End-to-end industry solution for managing supply chains, pharmaceutical inventory, components, FIFO, tracking, serialization, granular reporting and compliance with governance bodies.

Barcode Scanner Enabled.
Pick Lists
Work Orders
Finished Goods Tracking

IDMP Master

New ISO standards mandating the global identification of medicinal products (IDMP) at any point throughout their life cycle is changing the game for pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. EMA has adopted IDMP, with the FDA and PMDA expected to adopt it shortly. Successful adoption will require the ability to standardize and govern data to IDMP compliance. A simplified process of submitting data to regulators within designated deadlines. And an ongoing master data management plan to update, govern and keep information secure. These core challenges are solved with our IDMP Master Software Solution:

IDMP Master is a compilation of Microsoft Word Addins, Microsoft Excel Addins and XML plugins that all cohesively work together to allow organizations to extract, cleanse and integrate data from multiple sources. Automatically parse and match life sciences terms against controlled vocabulary libraries. And transform enriched data to comply with IDMP standards– all from a single UI with secure audit trails in place.

Contains built-in text Analytics for unstructured content.
Auto-tagging for automatic document building.
Functionality for auto-extracting relevant strings of text and content from Word docs, Excel files, Emails, Web Pages, etc...

Healthcare Case Management Portal

Yeldell Scientific's HCM (Healthcare Case Management Portal) is a Mobile/Web App designed for Social Workers & Psychologists in the Behavioral Health industry. 

It allows your social workers to instantly enter, record & report patient/client data from the field and have that information automatically sent back to the office and management staff in real-time.

Comes with a Desktop / Administrative System built on a backbone of Excel VBA / XML and a companion Web/Mobile App to enter/log data while in the field from mobile device.

The Reusable Source Library is a Microsoft Word utility that empowers your authors with the ability to create, name and store reusable blocks of content (formatting, images, tables, figures, or text), to a select-able library of items and then easily recall them for insertion in any other document at a later time.

The Reusable Source Library saves time during the authoring process because specific phrasing, sentences, paragraphs, charts, etc no longer have to be created from scratch. They are simply selected from the library of reusable sources and added directly to the document in 2 mouse clicks.

Arguably, this is one of the most powerful utilities we offer for Microsoft Word and is invaluable to any industry with document-intensive workflows (Biotech, Medical, Engineering, Legal, Financial, etc).

Style Checker (Office App for MS Word)
Style Checker is an app that allows authors to instantly scan their MS Word document for non-conforming styles.

Via a clean interface, users can first enter any styles that they would like to have excluded from the Style Checker Search. This listing of compliant styles will automatically be remembered for all subsequent uses of the application and can be directly manipulated via the StyleChecker.txt file downloaded to desktop.

The Style Checker then scans the author's document for any styles in use (or in the Style Gallery) that are not listed on the user-defined compliant styles listing.

This app is invaluable for authors in the authors in the biotech/pharmaceutical, legal, technical writing, engineering or finance fields; or simply any author that wrestles with documents that are to adhere to a strict formatting requirement prior to review or submission.

The Medical Reporting System (MRS) is a cost-effective, lean and user-friendly solution for entering, tracking and reporting Patient Data at time of examination. Built on a backbone of MS Office VBA.

The Aurora data tracking system is a clean, user-friendly, simple and fast user interface through which practitioners, nurses, care-givers and parents can easily log and share various data points for an infant or toddler. Built on a backbone of Excel using VBA. Fosters better communication with doctors and caregivers by being able to provide real data and identify trends in your baby's activity.

-All data can be auto-pushed to allow caregivers ability to easily view entries.
-Great organization due to a built-in Calendar to keep track of doctor appointments, etc.
-Visual tracking of your baby's progress with weight, height and vaccinations.
-Easy point-and-click data collection for feeding, sleep, mood, milestone events, temperature etc. 

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