Increasingly, individuals and small businesses find themselves in need of an all-encompassing, yet inexpensive solution to manage their day-to-day intake as well as a system for purchase orders, sales processing, invoices and scheduling. Yeldell Scientific has developed a single, robust solution in the form of a MS Excel Point-of-Sale register/warehouse/inventory mgt system that can be configured to your exact requirements. With our easy to use POS system, we empower you to turn your existing windows laptop, tablet or desktop computer into a savvy POS register where you can accept customer/client data, ring up an order, schedule deliveries/pickups, schedule appointments, print receipts, send e-receipts, automatically post announcements of discounts and coupons to facebook and other social media, and so much more.

Purchase Order Mobile App

Allows your sales associates to Create Purchase Orders from Tablet, Phone or Laptop,on-the-spot, while in the field with customers and instantly send that data back to the home office.

Contains back-end administrative module to view all submissions, orders and metrics.

Requires Web Enabled Tablet or Mobile Device

Excel Point Of Sale is our most popular software application. It allows anyone to turn their existing Windows Laptop, PC or Tablet (such as Surface Pro) into a Touch-Screen POS Cash Register in a matter of minutes.

*Barcode/UPC Scanner Enabled!

*Built-In Customer Database & Loyalty/Rewards.

*Best Seller - Over 1000 downloads and counting!

*Developed with 100% Excel VBA and Ribbon XML.

Use Microsoft Excel to Turn your Laptop, PC or Surface Pro Device into a Dry Cleaning/Laundromat POS (Point Of Sale) in a matter of seconds!

*Barcode/UPC Scanner Enabled!

*Built-In Customer Database.

*Best Seller - Over 1000 downloads and counting!

*Developed with Excel VBA.

Yeldell Scientific's Warehouse Management System is a Microsoft platform that can be leveraged and customized for your business, process, workflow or use-case.

At its core, it allows you to manage, control and keep track of inventory through the use of barcodes on your components, rooms, batch records, manual intervention points, transfer points & material storage locations.

The barcodes are scanned and the data is automatically relayed to the system to monitor and control the flow of materials in your process.

Can be configured for Full GMP Compliance or simply leveraged as a tool to augment your existing GMP/GAMP process.

Each transaction and action taken within the system is Audit Trailed.

Contains automated logic to prevent invalid transfers and enforce FIFO.

Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.

Excel Scan Barcodes To Spreadsheet
Excel Scan Barcodes To Spreadsheet is the easy-to-use plugin for Microsoft Excel that allows you to connect a USB Barcode Scanner Gun to your Laptop, PC or Surface Pro and scan barcodes to allow:

*add/remove from stock
*update inventory
*point of sale
*management of warehouse counts!

Our Laundry Drop System Software is a powerful cloud-based platform that enables your dry cleaning and laundering business with easy to use software for the management, reporting and day-to-day operations involved in locker-based cleaning and delivery services. Supports Desktops, mobile phones and tablets.
The public facing front end interface is a custom Responsive Web App that functions via URL instance and can be used by up to 300 users simultaneously and supports multiple locations. Your organization would be provided with a custom URL to access the Web App. In turn, you would embed the contents of the url on your existing website and/or provide the URL to your clients and/or have a dedicated tablet/kiosk available at your establishment/drop location for client use.

The formal desktop back-end software is an Excel VBA application that runs on any standard Windows laptop or PC and automatically receives the data submitted from the Responsive Web App.

Car Service Management Application (CSM) 

Car Service Management Application (CSM) is a custom Windows application that allows you to run and manage your auto-body, tuning, performance or auto-repair facility using only MS Excel and a Windows Laptop, PC or Tablet such as Windows Surface Pro.

Use Excel as a Car Service Mgt application. 

Developed in Excel VBA.

Requires MS Excel 2007 and MS Outlook 2007 or higher.

Self Service Kiosk Software: 

Self-Service Kiosks Are Changing the nature of Client Interaction and Customer Behavior! - Yeldell Scientific can provide your organization with a Self Service Kiosk solution that runs on any tablet, mobile device or PC. Allow your patrons to place an order, self-register themselves in a queue or donate to an organization using a touch screen Self Service Kiosk! 

COSMO Salon management software from Yeldell Scientific provides a complete salon management system for Client Booking, Point of Sale, Scheduling, Stylist/Employee Management, Inventory Tracking, Back-Office Reporting, and more. Our salon software is designed to provide everything you need, anytime you need it and runs on any standard Windows Laptop, PC or Surface Pro Device. (Developed in Excel VBA).
Turn your existing laptop or Surface Pro into a full service hair salon / beauty parlor software solution:
1) Customer/Client Intake
2) Customer / Client Database
3) Full Color touch screen icons
4) Before / After headshots for hairstyle inspirations 
5) Generate invoices, eReceipts and Paper records
6) Auto send reminders to clients
7) Contains built-in Point of Sale module where you can configure your products, keep track of inventory and process sales to clients/customers.
8) Built-in integration with MS Outlook Calendar for scheduling and keeping track of appointments.
9) Ability to add/configure employees, stylists, barbers etc....
10) Appointments - Inventory - Reports - POS

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